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Tools & Programs on Personal Finance which enable MFDs. RIAs, Investor & Students to learn and grow many fold.  

Game and Puzzles

Games for Engagements for Financial Freedom Fraternity Life & Annual Volatility Coach Membership

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Launching All New FFF Pro Annual Membership

Money Magnet Tribe

Win the game of life through investing.

Volatility Coach

We Take This opportunity to invite you to come on Board as a Volatility Coach.


  • Scaleup skills & Learnings prgram

    Scaleup skill& learning is an initiative of SSL academy with The Hindu Business Line to empower MFDs and Financial Advisors to learn and enhance to grow.

  • Educational Videos

    Videos for investors and MFDs to enable them to learn concepts better and in simple way.

  • Play Asset Allocation Game Live

    Asset Allocation is the most important way to built wealth in a stress free way.

  • Feedback Videos

    Feedback of Participants of RVCC workshops and other programs with MFDs and investors.

  • FFF Premier League

    FFF premier league is an annual sports event of fellowship and team spirit . Currently organised at Kolkata.



Money Tales – Kaun Banega Clientpati

1st Sunday of every Month 5pm

Meeting ID: 977 8619 6578 Passcode: kbc

Beyond Classroom


Meeting ID 95245147101 passcode fff



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