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Games for Engagements for Financial Freedom Fraternity
Life & Annual Volatility Coach Membership

have access and licence to conduct the following games and workshops:
Software For Investor Education Games:
  1. Volatility Game Play and Grow Rich- Equity and Debt Re Balancing
  2. Debt Volatility Game – Inter Debt Re Balancing
  3. Technical Analysis Volatility Game- RSI and EMA Analysis
  4. Fundamental Analysis Volatility Game- To Select 20-30 Multi Bagger Stocks From over 1500+ NSE Stocks
  5. Mutual Fund Analysis Game- How to eliminate and select the best MF Equity, Hybrid and Debt schemes for investment
  6. One Page Goal Based Financial Planning Tool
  7. Detailed Financial Planning Tool to make a complete financial plan for fee paying clients ( launch June 2020)
  8. Options Game with options pricing calculators ( Launch Sept 2020)
  9. Simple Financial Health Check up Tool to know your score for financial wellness
Illusion Game / card game / board game ( All physical Games which can be played 2 or more players in a group or before and investor education program)
  1. Bull and bear - Which one is big
  2. Two horse riders -ReBalance Strategy
  3. Perfect Square - Emergency Fund in Financial Planning
  4. Boom Card Game - Memory game to take more risk
  5. Multicap Card Game - Card Game To Asset allocation where Multicap fund are best suited for all seasons (launch sept 2020)
  6. FundaAttack - Card Game Play and learn what are the fundamental Ratios and Financials one should look in a winning stock and a portfolio (launch sept 2020)
  7. Tol Mol ke Goal - Board Game Which shows the up and down of life. The final purpose is to reach the destination with maximum Gold and not just reach the destination (launch Sept 2020)
  8. Turnover Board Game- Turn Bear or the bull down (A board game with bull and bear coins – The maximum on board wins) (Launch Dec 2020)
  9. Takeover Board Game - Bull and Bear fight face to face- if you take over (pass over the other player coins you get them – finally who ever have more coins wins) ( Launch Dec 2020)
  10. Dream Game- With wooden blocks to visualize your financial goals – Game with 2-6 players. The one who gets more blogs and perform the task wins before it falls. (launch March 2021)
Riddle Games during the workshops (downloadable)
  1. Internal Market Potential - Your natural market is more than what you see - 16 square riddle
  2. 9 Dot Game - Think out of the box
  3. crises is not the end - video with riddle and solution
  4. Mind Set Game - Divide the square and see how we get conditioned
  5. Pyramid from 12 wooden Balls- Investments are simple don’t make them complicated ( Sept 2020 launch)
  6. Get our of trap with little adjustment- spring puzzle of situation ( Sept 2020 launch)
  1. Influencer Game

    learn the formula of making the content and presenting it in shortest and best possible way
  2. Vision Game

    Lead the team, Group with a vision . A vision become big only when many people get positively influenced by it. Then only it can become a movement . A vision if it remains restricted to one person or few people is not a vision and only remains as a wish. To make it a movement it should be adjusted and re aligned so that it benefits large number of people.
  3. USD

    Simple game in a group where with hand movement participants pay UP, SIDE and DOWN and majority remains in the group and rest moves out ( just like the musical chair game) – The person out will share one financial planning concept or a wealth management concept with example with the group. The best explanation wins gifts from the moderators . Final three( or two ) winner gets gift from all the participant and summarise the concepts of the others in short along with their own concept . Second way to play is the person going out will have to answer to the wealth management case study in his best possible way.
  4. Creativity Game

    Where participants pick ups one prop given by the moderator or at there home and create a personal finance story around the prop ( object)
  1. Zoom polls
  2. Templets ( For Corporate Presentations , Educational Institutions presentations , Housing society presentations, Clun and social organisations presentations )
  3. Fliers for presentations and promotion
  4. #YoursTruly messages
  1. Retirement
  2. Women Entrepreneurs
  3. Doctors and professionals
  4. Army/ BSF/ Police etc
  5. House wife
  6. Workers,Labour
  7. HNI’s
  8. NRI;s
  9. Finance Professionals
  10. Students
  11. Quiz based PT
  12. Vision Game PPT
  13. Influencer Game PPT
  14. Financial Planning PPT

Licence to Conduct and Exclusive Marketing rights for the Certification Programs & Diplomas of SSL Academy in association with various Indian and Global institutions (Get Paid for the same also)
  1. RVCC (Re Balance Volatility Certification Course) A Joint Certification with NSE Academy
  2. DPFWM (Diploma in Personal Finance and Wealth Management) (coming soon)
  3. Tie ups for Intensive higher level courses
  4. Certification program with Business Schools (Coming June 2020)
  5. Diplomas & Certification with International Universities on various Wealth Management subjects (Coming Soon)