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NSE Academy Limited (NAL) has officially collaborated with SSL Academy (owned by Mr. Kanak Jain who is a Volatility Coach, International Speaker, Trainer and an Author) to launch certification courses pertaining to wealth management through Gamification on personal finance.

This collaboration of NAL and SSL will revolutionize the entire Personal Finance space with the Gaming Tools. Savings, Investment & Managing money is the most critical task than earning and RVCC Gamified tools and certification program will simplify and decode the financial concepts in a crystal clear way so that Financial Wellness can be attained by all. RVCC is structured in a very dynamic way and will be extremely useful for financial advisors who wanted to take managing Personal Finance profession to next level.

ONLINE Program of RVCC certification is a nine day workshop which offers Volatility Game: Rebalancing Strategy
  • Volatility Game: Rebalancing Strategy
  • Debt Volatility Game
  • Technical Analysis - Volatility Game
  • Fundamental Analysis - Volatility Game
  • Derivatives & Options Tools
  • Mutual Fund Analysis and Tools
  • Financial Planning and Tools
  • Influencer Game
  • Vision Game

The objective of this Module is to make financial advisors Understand and learn the concepts with fun through Gamification which will make it easier to remember and understand. Gamification or playing games encourages creativity, keeps the emotional/creative right brain hemisphere active and is pleasurable. Managing Investors emotion and Asset Rebalancing is most critical aspect in Wealth Management. And thus the need for RVCC (Rebalancing Volatility Certification Course) arises.

Unlike traditional mode of Investments such as Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits, Real Estate, Equities, New Asset Class such as Mutual Fund, NCDs, Derivatives, Portfolio Management Services, REITS have emerged as preferred way of Investment which offers convenience, risk diversification, tax efficient and higher Risk adjusted return. Thus, need based solution is required to be offered to investors and RVCC programme offers to impart such skills among the participants.

NAL which is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) which offers host of courses on financial literacy and skill oriented financial markets courses and has also introduced an online examinations system for testing and certification. NAL through its nationwide examination centres has strong infrastructure to conduct online examinations. NAL will be conducting the online/offline examinations and upon successful completion of the exam, joint certificate will be awarded to the candidates by NAL & SSL Academy.

All these courses are very practical and help candidates/ participants to understand the practical aspect of learning.

The Course is a 18 Hrs practical gamification based program. Followed by this an online/offline exam will be conducted by NSE Academy. This will be followed by Digital Graduation ceremony of giving away certificates to the successful candidates

Diploma in Personal Finance Management and Marketing (DPFMM)

Content of the 12 month program (Including 6 month practical training ) -Students Challenger Status 6months (for working professionals ) Total training hrs 100
  1. Overview of Indian global Financial Sector
  2. Concept of Wealth management
  • Personal finance Statement- financial planning
  • Financial Statement
  • Wealth management vs. portfolio management
  • Net worth Management vs. wealth management
  1. Life cycle management
  2. Types of Asset Class
  3. Definition of money – Law of Attraction
  4. Wealth Management [Risk Management]- understanding Volatility
  5. Estate planning vs. trust planning
  6. Equity Analysis
  7. Technical Analysis
  8. Fundamental Analysis
  9. Technical Analysis
  10. Behavioural Finance Management
  11. Portfolio management Services
  12. Debt vs loan Management
  13. Financial Planning
  14. Mutual fund Analysis
  15. Options & derivatives
  16. Marketing in Finance
  17. Communications in Finance
  18. Digital marketing in Finance
  19. Leadership management & team management – Vision Game
  20. Social media management for Finance professionals
  21. PR management & branding for Finance Professions
    A Unit of Subh Shree Commercial Company Limited (SSL): SSL is a listed Public Limited Company. Registered office- Nilhat House, 6thFloor, 11 R N Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700001, website- www.volatilitygame.com email – help@asksuskan.com

      SSL Academy is the education wing of SSL
    1. Capital Market Training
    2. Imparting training in financial portfolio management
    3. Imparting training in communication skills to Finance Professionals
    4. Certification Program with gamification on finance markets
    5. Investor Education and Financial Wellness Programs for corporates

    Other activities of SSL:
    SSL Academy has created a unique workshop based game "The Volatility Game-Play & grow rich" which through gamification teaches individuals to manage financial portfolios successfully in the ever changing market conditions. VG focuses on how to rebalance asset classes of a portfolio to keep pace with market situations.

    SSL Academy Founder & Managing Director, Kanak Jain has also authored the book "The Volatility Game - Play & Grow Rich". This was published in Aug 2016 by the prestigious Times Group Books and is a best seller.

    SSL has created several tribes where like-minded people with similar aims form a tribe. The current tribes that SSL looks after and manages are:

    1) Financial Freedom Fraternity: Any one who is RVCC certified is eligible for the membership of Financial Freedom Fraternity. This community have Volatility Coaches who are licensed to conduct all workshops of SSL Academy and Volatility Games.The number of Trainers/ Volatility Game across Indiais growing every day. Reaching out to thousands of people every month through financial wellness programs and volatility games. The number of licensed trainers are growing fast every month. They creating thousands of money magnet tribe members and investors every day.
    2) Financial Freedom Fraternity Global - The Volatility Game is already launched in Australia and will be launched in the UK and US in coming years. The tribe of licensed trainers and thousands of Financial Advisors that this launch will create will be a big force to promote various products and services across the globe
    3) Money Magnet Tribe – Students/ Investors of different age groups are being trained on the capital market where they are getting practical hands-on training on investments and trading in the capital market. This is currently operating with only a few select business schools and institutions at present but has all the potentials to grow into a very big tribe. The number of students under active management is expected to grow to 1,00,000 or more by Dec 2020.

Debt an all season product: A 5 Day Intensive Certification program from IBS & SSL Academy
Debt an all season product: A 5 Day Intensive Certification program from IBS & SSL Academy
  Day 1
  • Welcome Address from SSL Academy
  • Understanding the importance of Debt in our Portfolio through Debt Volatility Game
  • Understanding Debt Market, its Structure & Classification
Day 2
  • Types of Short Term & Long Term Debt Instrument
  • Understanding Money Market & RBI framework towards managing Interest rate & Liquidity
  • Types of Bonds & Understanding Coupon, Yield & Yield to Maturity
  • Case Studies & Fact Sheet Analysis
Day 3
  • Factors affecting Bond Price – Interest Rate, Credit Rating,  Duration & Macro Economic
  • Debt Mutual Fund Game
  • Case Studies & Fact Sheet Analysis
  • Expert
Day 4
  • Debt Mutual Funds – Type of Debt Funds & as per SEBI categorization
  • How to Pick Right Debt Funds in Different economic Scenario
  • Debt taxation & Using Debt for Financial Planning
Day 5
  • Objection Handling Session and Debt Fund Positioning for HNIs and Retirement Planning
  • Expert – ICFAI Business School
    Fee for the Certification Rs 6000 Plus GST